Application Development

Next-Generation Cloud Native App Development

Reduce time-to-market and empower your product development teams to deliver great solutions faster. Our software and cloud engineering experts help companies large and small to transform their product development methods, working side-by-side with practitioners in Engineering, Product Management, and Design to build solutions laser-focused on business value and client needs.

Success Story

Modernizing Software Deployments with Google Cloud

66degrees helped build a cloud native deployment with a modular architecture to promote scalability, flexibility, reduced development effort, and future solution growth. 66degrees and Dematic partnered together to containerize their existing codebase and deploy the modularized systems onto Google Kubernetes Engine. 66degrees has provided advisory and implementation services for all Google Cloud infrastructure development, deployment architecture, and cloud administration. 

Our Approach

Core to our delivery model are proven practices and principles from lean product management, user-centered design, and extreme programming. Not only will 66degrees help your team deliver software at lightning speed, but we’ll also enable your organization to maintain velocity for the long-haul, decreasing the time it takes to bring your next big innovation to market.

Fully dedicated, balanced teams work side-by-side to deliver solutions that users love and offer unmatched business value. 66degrees will assemble a team to bring your big idea to life on a modern, scalable, cloud-native foundation. Team composition is based on:

  • Technical Feasibility (Engineering)
  • Business Value (Product Management)
  • User Needs (Design)

Set the foundation for rapid innovation. Through a Discovery and Framing exercise, 66degrees will help you validate the problem and solution space, quickly followed by iterative delivery against a prioritized backlog aligned to business value.

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