Google Cloud Data Encryption Practices: Encryption at Rest, in Transit, & In-Use

Google Cloud Data Encryption Guide

Google Cloud data encryption tools and processes make the journey to insightful, effective, and privacy-forward business practices possible. The cloud computing space has always been at the heart of the movement to more private, secure systems to protect our data. However, with a new generation of encryption solutions from Google Cloud, organizations can now control […]

Top Managed Kubernetes Providers: A 2022 Comparison

Top K8s providers in 2022

Suppose you don’t want to adapt your infrastructure for Kubernetes or would rather avoid the complexity of building it from the ground up. In that case, you could turn to a managed Kubernetes provider to do the legwork for you.  But, not all providers are created equal, and they vary in terms of what they […]

Agile Project Planning Explained

The Five Levels of Agile Project Planning

Many think the agile approach doesn’t involve planning. But, as we know at 66degrees, that’s one of the biggest myths of antipattern pushback.  Agile doesn’t mean “no planning.” In fact, planning is one of the most critical parts of our engagement delivery process. It’s how we reduce uncertainty at every stage of a project. It […]

Why Pair Programming Works

Why Pair Programming Works, and the Benefits

“Why pair programming? Putting two engineers together is going to cut my velocity in half!” We hear it all the time and understand how counterintuitive pair programming can seem. After all, we’re asking our clients to allow us to team up two engineers for a majority of their day, tackling a single problem together. Shouldn’t […]