Configuring a Google Cloud Private Network, Part One: Architecture & VPC Design

Google Cloud Private Network - Architecture and Design

At 66degrees, security is always top of mind for our clients and us when we architect Google Cloud solutions. Starting with Google’s extensive list of security best practices, we bake security into every aspect of our designs. One of the most important security controls we offer our clients is a private network. Like other cloud […]

Google Launches BigLake, a Bottomless Data Lake for Storing Data from Anywhere

Google Launches BigLake, a New Storage Engine Solution

At the 2022 Cloud Data Summit, Google announced the launch of BigLake, a new cross-platform solution that went into preview on April 13 and will make it easier to analyze data, regardless of where or how it’s stored. It’s big news for developers looking for a more uniform storage engine to streamline their business data. […]

App Engine vs Compute Engine: Which Google Service Should You Use for Your Deployment?

Which is better for deployment - App Engine vs Compute Engine

For many customers just getting started on their cloud modernization journey, the dizzying array of options available can be overwhelming. As software engineers and platform operators evaluate their options, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to choose the “right” path. The truth is that there is no single path that is best for every […]

Google Cloud SQL: Best Practices for Maximizing High Availability

Maximizing High Availability on Google Cloud SQL

For companies large and small, usage of Google Cloud SQL instances always shares one common business requirement: high availability. High availability is a system’s ability to operate continuously without failure. For traditional, on-premise SQL instances, high availability can be fraught with data availability and consistency issues, but Google Cloud SQL makes it easy for your […]

What Is Google Cloud Compute Engine? A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Google Cloud Compute Engine? A Guide

If you have been using your own hardware to create and manage VMs, you might be wondering, “What is Google Cloud Compute Engine?” Before getting to that outright, it’s important to understand why it matters in the first place.  Purchasing and managing your own hardware to create and run VMs and applications is expensive and […]

New in Google Docs: Draft, Collaborate, & Send Emails in One Click

If you’ve ever collaborated on writing an email or needed to compose one on the fly and get the words just right, you know how important it is to keep track of edits and streamline the drafting process.  Google recently announced a new feature that will allow Google Workspace users to draft, collaborate on, and […]

Developer’s Take: How Google Cloud Prioritizes the Developer Experience

How Google Cloud Prioritizes the Developer Exeperience

Balanced teams of software engineers, designers, and product managers set the pace of innovation at a company. Companies consistently focus on ways to attract the best talent in pursuit of setting their organization on a strong course of rapid innovation. However, keeping these teams agile, innovative, and free from blockers is a challenge in itself. […]

How the Looker and Tableau Integration Provides Users With the Best of Both Worlds

Looker and Tableau Intergration

One of the most exciting announcements during Google Cloud Next ‘21 was the integration between Google Cloud’s Looker and Salesforce-owned Tableau. This integration will make data analysis and visualization more accessible to businesses across the board.  Making business decisions driven by data is essential to compete in the market today. Companies like Google and Salesforce […]

Looker 101: Benefits, Uses, & More

What Is Google's Looker?

Share this article Business intelligence (BI) tools help companies organize and make sense of their data. Looker, acquired by Google in 2019 and now part of the Google Cloud Platform, has become a frontrunner among BI tools. But, if you’re coming from a popular BI platform like Power BI or Tableau, Looker can be a […]