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The Power of Trust: A Client Relationship Commitment Featuring Susie Lee, Senior Strategic Account Manager

.                   .                             …

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Generative AI: 5 Game-Changing Use Cases for the Enterprise

Discover the transformative potential of Generative AI with our in-depth exploration of its top use cases. From generating human-like text to creating unique images and voice, see how enterprises harness Generative AI for innovation and efficiency.

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Google Cloud Ai/ML

Harnessing the Power of Google Cloud’s AI/ML for the Enterprise

There’s a digital revolution underway, and leading the charge is the increasingly sophisticated realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). One of the …

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Dematic | Modernizing Software Application Deployments and Updates with Google Cloud ​

66degrees helped build a cloud native deployment with a modular architecture to promote scalability, flexibility, reduced development effort, and future solution growth. 66degrees and Dematic partnered together to containerize their existing codebase and deploy the modularized systems onto Google Kubernetes Engine. 66degrees has provided advisory and implementation services for all Google Cloud infrastructure development, deployment architecture, and cloud administration.

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Cloud Migrations: Oracle Cloud to Google Cloud

In today’s world, businesses must keep up with the rapidly evolving technology landscape to remain competitive. Advancing your cloud maturity and increasing the functionality of …

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Designer Brands, Inc. | Improving Customer Personalization at Scale

66degrees helped Designer Brands Inc. improve customer personalization at scale through a modern data management strategy to combine a wide array of transactions and external sources such as social real-time.

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Achieving Growth for Our Business and Our People Featuring Ben Kessler, COO & CFO

Ben Kessler, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of 66degrees, shares his perspective on the state of our business, fostering business and …

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Leading A Culture of Inclusion And Opportunity Featuring Molly Steffen, VP of Talent Management

From talent recruitment to leading company initiatives, our VP of Talent Management fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion by keeping employees and goals in …

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Inside The Cloud with Mike Kaspar 66degrees’ Conversational Architect

Mike Kaspar, 66degrees Conversational Architect, discusses the advancement of CCAI, the endless capabilities this technology will have on organizations, and its impact on the overall …

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Inspiring Generations of Women in Tech, Featuring 66degrees Jade Hollowell

  How did you choose your current profession, and are there any significant events in your career timeline that have considerably impacted your journey?  I …

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Marxent | Transformation Towards Better Business Analytics Initiatives

66degrees assisted in the migration of Marxent® 3D Cloud and all Marxent 3D Commerce applications to the Google Cloud Platform, and a transformation of their business analytics initiatives through a modern infrastructure and applications that fully support a data-driven culture.

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TVision | A New Looker Solution Designed For Better Business Analysis

66degrees partners with media client TVision to improve their performance Service- Level Agreements (SLA’s) and reported metrics while providing their clients with access to nuanced data. TVision’s cutting-edge computer vision gathers second-by-second data, and these insights are utilized as critical markers for t.v. measurement – helping drive innovation.

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