66degrees Takes a Deep Dive into Google Cloud DevOps

66degrees is now the sole launch partner for the Google Cloud DevOps Specialization. This exclusive partnership provides an organizational initiative to increase software delivery velocity and service reliability.


66degrees is proud to have a practice dedicated to solving the complex challenges that come with delivering DevOps solutions to our clients. Our partnership led the organization to participate in an evaluation outlining our history in developing and deploying DevOps solutions via Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with primarily GCP-native tooling.


66degrees’ DevOps team achieved specialization by presenting a proven history of analyzing, understanding, and delivering projects that solve the clients’ complex CI/CD challenges. Our initiative is to identify the right solutions and toolchains for the right people. In partnering with our clients and delivering DevOps solutions, we strive to drive measurable decreases to the DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA) metrics, including:


  • Lead Time for Code Changes
  • Deployment Frequency
  • Time to Restore a Service
  • Change Failure Rate
  • Reliability


The goal of our DevOps’ architects is to deliver specialization and expertise to each of our clients while advising and auditing each toolchain as we navigate your environment to the right tool. 


“We have been committed to building systems and processes for our clients to deliver value quickly and efficiently; DevOps is critical in this journey. We are thrilled to be recognized as the launch partner for the DevOps Specialization,” says Darshan Puttannaiah, CTO, 66degrees.


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