BigQuery Backups: Three Methods for Protecting Your Data

BigQuery backups

Data modernization expert Claire Salling explains three BigQuery backup methods for protecting your data while you work. A comprehensive strategy for BigQuery backups and recovering your data is a must-have in the event of a data failure. With Google BigQuery ’s snapshot feature, creating backups for your data in BigQuery for archival, disaster recovery, and […]

AWS Outposts vs. Google Cloud Anthos

AWS Outposts vs. Google Cloud Anthos

When considering AWS Outposts  vs.  Google Cloud Anthos it’s essential to note that both have reimagined the modern hybrid cloud strategy, bringing a world of possibilities to organizations that have workloads spread across public and on-prem environments. While AWS Outposts and Google Cloud Anthos aim  to give organizations greater power, simplicity, and control of their […]

What is a Cloud Application?

cloud application

Cloud applications are the new standard in software sales and development. They allow more flexibility, better security, and increase accessibility for users. But what is a cloud application ? What different options are available? More importantly, which is the right one for your organization? Let’s break it down. What is a Cloud Application? A cloud […]

What Is Kf? Google Cloud’s PCF Alternative for Kubernetes

what is kf

What is Kf? Since being acquired by VMWare in 2019, many in the development community say Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is on the decline, with Kubernetes taking its place. But for those looking to jump ship, the switch from PCF to Kubernetes can be like going from Apple to Android. Thankfully, Kf , Google Cloud’s  […]

Google Anthos Explained: Modernizing Cloud Computing

Google Anthos

When migrating applications and workloads to the cloud, the two most common cloud providers companies consider are AWS and Microsoft Azure. Yet, Google’s new public cloud offering Google Anthos is poised to change cloud computing the way its Android mobile operating system transformed the smartphone landscape. As an open cloud computing platform that works well […]