How the Looker and Tableau Integration Provides Users With the Best of Both Worlds

Looker and Tableau Intergration

One of the most exciting announcements during Google Cloud Next ‘21 was the integration between Google Cloud’s Looker and Salesforce-owned Tableau. This integration will make data analysis and visualization more accessible to businesses across the board.  Making business decisions driven by data is essential to compete in the market today. Companies like Google and Salesforce […]

Looker 101: Benefits, Uses, & More

What Is Google's Looker?

Share this article Business intelligence (BI) tools help companies organize and make sense of their data. Looker, acquired by Google in 2019 and now part of the Google Cloud Platform, has become a frontrunner among BI tools. But, if you’re coming from a popular BI platform like Power BI or Tableau, Looker can be a […]