66degrees Expands Managed Google Cloud Optimization Services to Provide 24/7 Support & Technical Guidance

66degrees, a Google Premier Partner, announced the launch of their expanded Managed Cloud Optimization service. The upgraded service enhances support with access to top cloud engineers, advisors, and tooling to help companies optimize for a high-performing Google Cloud Platform environment. 

The revamped program elevates services to reduce costs, manage infrastructure, and provide long-term strategic guidance for companies using the Google Cloud Platform. 

Closing the Cloud Skills Gap

More than 90 percent of IT leaders expect to grow their cloud services in the coming years. Yet, 80 percent of the same leaders identified a lack of skills in the workforce as an obstacle to growth.

The Managed Cloud Optimization program was designed to close the cloud skills gap by providing clients with a team of certified Google Cloud experts at 66degrees. 

“We’ve all seen a growing rush to modernize infrastructure, applications, and security. But, it’s led to a shortage of the right talent and skillsets in the market,” said Sean Anderson, VP of Commercial Offers at 66degrees. “Companies need support now more than ever to take full advantage of the cloud.” 

What Does Managed Cloud Optimization Include?

The program expansion includes 24/7 Google Cloud support with 15-minute response times for critical issues. Google Cloud clients who participate will also receive access to engineers and cloud consultants to help optimize cost, performance, reliability, security, operations, and system design. 

  • Google Cloud cost optimization: Gain actionable insights and savings with top Google Cloud consultants and optimization tools like Ternary. 
  • Premium support: Access to 24/7 technical support and 15-minute response SOLs for critical issues.
  • Ongoing technical guidance: Recommendations on architecture, cost, security, performance, and more. Plus, Operational Health Reviews, commitment planning, and management. 


The program is fully funded by Google Cloud.

“With the Managed Cloud Optimization program, you have someone to oversee critical support activities and keep the budget under control, so your team can build, compete, and innovate faster,” said Matt Kestian, CEO of 66degrees. 

The Managed Cloud Optimization service helped us assess and improve reliability in Google Cloud, particularly helping us ensure high availability on our GKE clusters,” said Wade Williams, CTO at OrderMyGear. “Additionally, they helped us save $60k annually on our Cloud SQL costs. We’re looking forward to a long and productive partnership with them.”

The Managed Cloud Optimization program also gives clients access to Ternary, a cloud cost optimization tool built for Google Cloud. 

“Ternary FinOps software paired with 66degrees’ services is a double win for customers who want to build a better future on Google Cloud,” said Sasha Kipervag, CEO of Ternary. “66degrees helps customers make smarter decisions with their cloud budgets and enables their businesses to move faster in the cloud. We’re committed to the shared mission.”

Implement Managed Cloud Optimization Today

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