Google Cloud NEXT ’22 Recap

Google NEXT Recap

Helping Organizations Thrive in a Hybrid World


The annual Google Cloud Next event has come and gone, but the Cloud’s impact on the present day and the future are still at the forefront of conversations. This year’s event, typically held in California, was broadcasted all over the globe in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Munich, Bengaluru, San Francisco, as well as the announcement of new Cloud regions: Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. During the opening keynote, the CEO of Alphabet Inc. and Google, Sundar Pichai, said the introduction of new regions and global broadcasting of Google Next is “a representation of the hybrid world we live in today.” All 123 things announced at Google Next seem to have a common theme. Simply put, Google Cloud is focused on helping everyday users and enterprises thrive in the hybrid world. And 66degrees is here to help get them there. 


Real Time Inventory Management with GDC Edge

One of Google Cloud’s newest releases and capabilities is Google Distributed Cloud Edge GPU-Optimized Config (GDC Edge). Now available, it includes 12 GPUs, which are like CPUs, but work best for tasks like machine learning (ML). Enabled by Anthos, this feature is ideal for local data processing, edge computing, on-premises modernization, meeting sovereignty, strict data security, and privacy requirements. It is also the tool that 66degrees is using to improve what operational efficiency looks like in retail. The groundbreaking solution was mentioned during the keynote speech of Infrastructure Google Cloud VP & GM, Sachin Gupta, in which he states that this solution is “modernizing retail stores in many countries.” Watch the video below or head over to Google’s blog to learn more about how 66degrees is using their expertise in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to offer a unique solution to retailers and their customers with the Edge Vision Retail Accelerator.



From Weeks to Hours with Vertex AI

Vertex AI is another feature mentioned at Google Cloud Next, and was presented by the VP of Cloud AI and Industry Solutions, June Yang. Not only can you manage your models with more confidence, but it also allows you to train models without code and with minimal expertise required. This product can turn the weeks it takes for deployment and building, into a process that can be completed in a matter of hours, cutting the cost organizations pay to run this application. This means that 66degrees can set up the GCP infrastructure and processes, so clients can make various AI models and deploy them at scale.


The Future of Collaboration: Google Workspace

VP & GM of Google Workspace, Aparna Pappu, was excited to announce that the applications users operate on a daily basis (Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Meet, etc.) are changing because of Google Cloud’s major investment in smart canvas, which is a product that Google Cloud launched last year to deliver evolutionary collaboration in Google Workspace. As an enterprise, 66degrees uses applications within Google Workspace to handle day to day operations, and can help clients take advantage of their workforce’s productivity with Google Workspace. Our experts know the best processes to deploy and optimize these collaborative tools, and help to push Google Cloud’s goal of ushering in a new era of communication, expression, and co-creation.   


The 66degrees Prediction

During Google Cloud Next, technology experts made 10 Cloud predictions for Google Cloud by the end of 2025. What are our #GoogleCloudPredictions? We predict that 66degrees will continue to be Google Cloud’s leading Partner in driving digital transformation in the Cloud sphere. We also predict that our hybrid world will be much easier to navigate with Google Cloud’s efforts to modernize its applications. As GCP continues to evolve, know that you can lean on the collaborative and knowledgeable Google Cloud experts at 66degrees to get you there.


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