Inside the Cloud with Matt Kelberman, VP of Business Analytics

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For our first interview, we sat down with Matt Kelberman to discuss the ever-emerging cloud landscape featuring digital concierges, chatboxes, and more.


As Vice President of Business Analytics, what business objectives do you plan for 66degrees as an organization, and what impact will that have on your clients and partners?

Our Business Analytics team represents the culmination of AI/ML and Analytics. While either can exist independent of the other, our objective is to demystify the union of these capabilities and what they can accomplish for our clients when wielded together. We plan to not only develop and deliver offerings across the full spectrum of the Google Cloud Data & Analytics ecosystem but to do so in a series of offerings and solutions that prove to our customers and partners how easy, and effective AI/ML-enabled analytics can be – no matter where in their analytics maturity our customers might be.


What do data and analytics mean to you, and how do you communicate that to your team and clients?

The goal of analytics is to turn data into actionable insights that can inform business decisions, improve operations, and drive growth. Together, data and analytics provide the foundation for evidence-based decision-making, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on facts and insights derived from their data. Our entire mission is to remain experts in this domain, constantly evolving alongside available technologies and techniques to offer our clients expertise as they strive to embrace modern approaches to analytics and maximize the value of their data.


Contact Center AI is part of the data science pillar within Google. Explain how the feature “Chatbox” works and how it will enhance the user experience.

“Chatbots” are manifestations of complex natural language processing and artificial intelligence, working seamlessly to provide personalized and convenient services to our clients. Through effective conversational architecture, a system capable of immediate and personalized responses will enhance the client experience and develop client loyalty. Wait times for live agents are eliminated, and chatbots can be available 24/7 across multiple channels (voice, email, chat), furthering convenience to the client.


How will digital concierges change how businesses operate and communicate with clients?

Digital concierges have the potential to transform the way businesses operate and communicate with their clients – leading to improved customer experience, increased efficiency, and cost savings. Our clients themselves will realize increased productivity and efficiency, relying on digital concierges to automate routine tasks and interactions.


Explain more about CCAI Discovery Workshop and what that provides for clients.

This CCAI Strategy is intended to be used by organizations who know they have contact center inefficiencies but are unaware of where exactly to focus their efforts. The primary focus is to help uncover key opportunity areas based on data and interviews with contact center associates and managers.


CCAI Prototype is where the actual proof of concept is designed. Why is this vital?

It is a good idea to engage in a proof of concept to help validate the feasibility of the planned solution to cross-examine its perceived value or benefits.


AI/ML Enablement utilizes use case studies as models to demonstrate to our clients the performance capabilities of a specific technology. How are the predictions and forecasts measured, and what are they compared to?

AI/ML Enablement projects not only help define how we’ll activate insights on a particular use case, but they will also help determine our clients’ success criteria for a given use case or model. The sole purpose of this engagement is to help achieve a minimal viable model, where predictions and forecasts are measured by the proximity achieved against the client’s requirements for success.


You have an innovative model called Analytics Activated; explain the integration process with BigQuery ML into Looker.

Looker being a part of the Google Cloud ecosystem, is an absolute differentiator from other analytics platforms. This membership affords Looker native integrations to interact with BigQuery ML directly in the semantic layer (LookML). This allows organizations to leverage the power of BigQuery ML and Looker to analyze and visualize machine learning models and data in a single platform. Our Analytics Activated offering helps our clients define specific use cases to activate this ability and ultimately deliver these assets.


Within the Looker Platform, there are two additional offers you provide, Looker Fundamentals and Looker Foundations. Explain the difference between the two and what they provide to the client.

As part of the Fundamentals offering, we work with our clients to select a use case and success criteria to focus on.  Through a series of co-development sessions with the client’s designated development team, we not only teach beginner and intermediate capabilities, but we use their data and frame of reference to keep them engaged and learning.

Looker Foundations is closer to services work. Our expert architects work with clients to define use cases and success criteria, roles & personas, desired self-service aspects, and governed reporting capabilities. Our engineers then bring to life a user-friendly, secure 1st workload production environment.


Real-Time Analytics is becoming a demand of many organizations. The importance of time-stamped activity is crucial to a business and its clientele. What can you tell our clients about how this technology is going to enhance the way they do business moving forward?

Real-time analytics has the potential to transform the way businesses operate and make decisions significantly. Efficiencies are now possible by taking advantage of the capabilities of Google Cloud, including business monitoring in real-time, to predict emerging patterns and make immediate adjustments as needed.

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