66degrees Brings Innovative Deployment to Dev Days

Google defines Developer Days (Dev Days) as an opportunity to launch new products and introduce our clients to the innovation our partnership continues to generate. During November, 66degrees traveled to Cambridge, Seattle, and Atlanta, to present the most advanced methodologies of Google Cloud and how that impacts your business. 

66degrees presenters included Paulo Masis, Director of Engineering; Jaime Vega, Application Modernization Architect; and David ‘Mac’ Daniel, Chief Architect, Anthos. All experts within their field, these individuals collaborated to introduce and share the latest features of Google Cloud.

Dev Days Support Best Practices

Google Cloud ensures best practices are implemented in all services they offer. Dev Days are opportunities where colleagues join to discuss, brainstorm and, most importantly, innovate. All Google Cloud services offered through 66degrees are designed to streamline your digital experience and improve processes with products and services that enhance your workflow and your business’s bottom line. 

“I asked all the Seattle participants what they thought of the event, and they all said the same… Very helpful content and well worth the time! Additionally, the amount of information and the quality of the speakers was very ideal. I liked that they all stayed to the very end and actively participated,” says Alex Brickle, 66degrees Enterprise Account Executive.


Revolutionizing the Cloud

With technology comes change, efficiency, and data-driven results. Veer Muchandi, Application Modernization Manager, introduced serverless computing, which enables businesses to build and deploy functions and applications utilizing a serverless platform. Why is this revolutionary? Well, a fully managed infrastructure on the cloud reduces costs and includes no setup or maintenance. A serverless platform also provides portability with containers and codes to deploy and build with automatic and on-demand horizontal scaling.

Optimizing Business Partnerships

66degrees wants to remain as agile as possible in implementing best-in-class software delivery mechanisms – which is vital to any business. Advanced functionalities, such as rapid scaling, are key in partner-based orders. Google’s technological advancement offers its clients the most modernized approaches to Google Cloud’s endless capabilities. Keeping clients informed and proactive – allowing for a prosperous yet competitive cloud ecosystem. This partnership allows businesses and their clients to inquire about the status of their orders in real time, along with utilizing software delivery mechanisms that are automated and secured so that new updates and feature requests can be addressed effectively.


So, What’s Next?

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a modernized application platform that offers a dynamic workload and faster turnaround time with production while instilling best practices. The program is exclusively monitored by Google with automated upgrade times and optimized workloads, resulting in a 99 percent Autopilot Pod-level service level agreement (SLA). The autopilot is a mode of operation in GKE that manages cluster configuration, scaling, and security.

“GCP Dev Days are a great opportunity for technical and leadership staff to come in, learn a great deal, and even get Hands-On Google Cloud’s Kubernetes platform in a single day. You’ll also build a high-level architecture based on a real business case and even have a chance to win some prizes!” says David ‘Mac’ Daniel, Chief Architect, Anthos.

As the cloud ecosystem continues to evolve, Google Cloud and 66degrees will join forces by providing the education necessary to implement new products and services that will revolutionize your business. This year, 66degrees has hosted a series of these events, bringing expertise to our business leaders nationwide. For more information regarding future Dev Days and events involving 66degrees, please visit our Events page for updated information!

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