New in Google Docs: Draft, Collaborate, & Send Emails in One Click

If you’ve ever collaborated on writing an email or needed to compose one on the fly and get the words just right, you know how important it is to keep track of edits and streamline the drafting process. 

Google recently announced a new feature that will allow Google Workspace users to draft, collaborate on, and send emails from Google Docs with one click, taking productivity to the next level. 

The rollout is part of Google’s smart canvas initiative, which aims to connect Google Workspace’s primary tools like Docs, Google Meet, Gmail, and more for better productivity and simpler collaboration in the cloud. 

What’s New

The new email draft template shortcut makes it easier to collaborate on writing emails and maximize productivity by letting users take advantage of Google Docs’ spell check and grammar features to send emails. There’s no more need to switch back and forth between tabs.

How to Use the Email Draft Feature in Google Docs

Image Source: Google Blog

You can use the email draft feature in a few short steps:

  • Access the email draft template using the “@” symbol, and then select the email draft template
  • Mention people in the recipient fields using the @ menu
  • Collaborate on the subject line and body text using comments and suggestions
  • When you’re ready to send the email, click the button shown alongside the draft. A Gmail compose window will pop up, with email fields that are automatically populated based on the email draft in the document


Google began rolling out the new email draft feature on March 15 and are working toward making it available to all Google Workspace customers. Learn more about the new Gmail and Docs feature here

If you’re looking for more information about Google’s productivity tools, reach out to our team to request a consultation. As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, 66degrees experts help implement, optimize, and streamline the adoption of Google Workspace to help your team collaborate in real-time. 

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