Google Cloud VMware Engine: When And Why Does Improvement of Speed Matter?

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An Interview with Alex Voorhees


By combining Google Cloud with VMware, you can shift your VMware-based applications to Google Cloud without changes to your processes. When you add 66degrees to your team, migrating to Google Cloud is simplified and your new systems will be running expeditiously!

In this new blog series, we’ll be getting an insight into Google Cloud VMware Engine from the experts who know it best. Alex Voorhees is Vice President of Customer Engineering at 66degrees. He carries multiple Google Cloud Certificates and is here to share his expert advice on why and when to migrate to the Cloud. 


“What kind of enterprises do you help switch to Google Cloud?”


“We help several industries in many ways – from migrating and modernizing infrastructure, applications, and data to implementing and helping adopt new ways of day-to-day collaboration between users. Usually, the enterprises we work with on the VMware front have on-premises hardware and need help innovating the way they operate internally, even if their products are already innovative. In our experience, there’s usually some form of compelling event that’s providing the impetus to get them out of their data center.”


“What’s considered a compelling event?”


“We say that a compelling event is something likely to make you act shortly. It can be something like end-of-life hardware, it could be your data center is on a flood plain and you’re worried about it, it could even be that your contract renewal is coming up and you want to save money by making the transition sooner rather than later. These are some of the reasons why speed is so important. Essentially, there is a need to do things relatively quickly, and harnessing Google Cloud VMware Engine is the fastest, safest, and most friction-free way to migrate to the Cloud.”


“Even if the migration is quick, won’t that time be lost in retraining employees or hiring new ones?”


“People often think this, and the idea of having to retrain people or find the right staff sometimes keeps businesses from migrating. But the truth is, if you’re running VMware already, Google Cloud VMware Engine is the perfect solution because there’s no need to retrain anyone. You can still run all the apps, processes, and workloads that you ran before so there’s no extra cost or time spent on learning or teaching people new skills. It’s a really powerful way of moving to the cloud that brings people with you since there’s so much familiarity with the way things work.”


“So, when is a good time to migrate?”


“I would say now, especially since a lot of these perceived barriers are removed. Migrating to Google Cloud is the perfect stepping-stone toward the modernization of a business and it ensures you can adapt, grow, and change to outperform the competition. You’re future-proofing your business. The faster you start, the faster you’ll get there, and the faster you can start to take advantage of all the innovation that’s built into Google Cloud – things like ML, BigQuery, AI, and Anthos. These tools are incredibly powerful and enable businesses to do things in a way they probably haven’t thought of before; innovative ways that can help them stand out. But you can’t leverage them until you get the ball rolling. That’s why speed really does matter!”


Your ability to innovate faster starts here. Save this eBook or connect with more experts like Alex at 66degrees so that our team can get you stay ahead of the innovation game. Modernizing your company’s infrastructure can be done quickly and efficiently with 66degrees. We’ll get you there.

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