Google Cloud VMware Engine: Adaptable Software that Modernizes Innovation

How Does Google Cloud VMware Engine Drive Innovation

An interview with David ‘Mac’ McDaniel


The challenges that come with being a business owner don’t have to be faced alone. With Google Cloud VMware Engine and the Cloud savvy team at 66degrees, you can minimize operational burdens, and focus on your organization. Innovation is imperative in every business because it allows growth, and flexibility, and will help you stand out against the competition.


In this new blog series, we’ll be getting answers to our questions about Google Cloud VMware Engine from the experts who know it best. David ‘Mac’ McDaniel is a Chief Architect honored as a Google Cloud Fellow in Hybrid Multi-Cloud, and he’s here to share some unique insights. 


“Our first question is, what can Google Cloud VMware Engine actually do for an enterprise?”


“First, it will free up existing staff because Google will manage and operate the underlying infrastructure, but more importantly, just by shifting to Google Cloud VMware Engine, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to do things that you could never do in an on-premises environment, and that’s a big differentiator. Moving to Google Cloud is the first step, and it means that in the future you’ll get leading-edge, technology-based advantages over your competitors.”


“What are some of the advantages of Google Cloud and how does it drive innovation?”


“Well Google Cloud’s platform itself has a different level of innovation than other competitive solutions. With Google you have access to all sorts of leading-edge technology such as Machine Learning, which means you can quickly and easily build a custom machine learning model specific to your business. You can use it to dynamically detect and translate between languages, use it to gain insight into product performance, and even see and interpret each step in model building and deployment processes. And then there’s AI which allows you to do everything from operate as state-of-the-art virtual agents, to speech recognition and transcription, to training in a cost-effective way.”

“And of course, there’s BigQuery, which allows you to access and share data securely, gain insights with real-time and predictive analytics, and loads more. So innovation really is a cornerstone of being within the Google Cloud Platform.”


“Why choose Google Cloud over other cloud providers?”


“In my view, Google Cloud is really pushing the envelope in every area and really setting itself apart with all these innovations that allow you to migrate to the Cloud, but more importantly, allow your business to develop, grow, and thrive. Google also was able to learn from the other cloud providers and take a more efficient path, in areas like IAM architecture especially the domain/folder/project relationships and the global view of networking.”

“Not only that, but Google Cloud also gives your business a real opportunity to differentiate itself from competitors by harnessing data and using innovative tools to optimize business processes, create analytic solutions, develop branding, streamline workloads and so on. There’s so much you can improve simply by being in the cloud.”

“And the thing that makes the business case so compelling is that Google Cloud VMware Engine provides such a simple way of getting there that makes best use of the talents you already have. It’s a sensible way to move and positions your business for innovation that can really make a difference as your business grows in the years and decades ahead.”


As the digital world continues to evolve, cutting-edge software like Google Cloud VMware Engine can set you apart from your competitors and make your business a leader in infrastructure. With Google Cloud experts like 66degrees on your team, the smooth migration that Google Cloud VMware provides can truly be a painless process (check out this infographic for more detail). If you’re ready to build stronger and innovate faster, reach out to us today! Let’s get you there.

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