Inside The Cloud with Mike Kaspar 66degrees’ Conversational Architect

Mike Kaspar, 66degrees Conversational Architect, discusses the advancement of CCAI, the endless capabilities this technology will have on organizations, and its impact on the overall customer experience.


What solutions does CCAI present to an organization?


CCAI offers solutions across the entire contact center journey. They range from creating net-new virtual agents to deflect automated and repeatable tasks with Dialogflow CX to providing intelligent knowledge recommendations and suggested replies to live agents via Agent Assist. Features like these can be deployed through both voice and chat channels. There’s even a Contact Center AI Platform to simplify queuing and live agent portals.


Virtual agents are a key feature of CCAI. How will this technology optimize businesses?


Virtual agents help serve your customers wherever they are, whenever they need to be served. Whether embedded in a website, mobile app, or via phone, virtual agents can help deflect rote processes or cumbersome tasks, while live agents are available for more complex tasks. We continuously focus on providing your end-users with the next level of support, which often starts with a virtual agent.


What can a client expect during the discovery phase in a CCAI workshop?


The discovery phase involves tailoring the technologies available to the client’s needs. Google’s CCAI is a robust suite, and not every solution will be a good match for every client. This phase is essential to map different contact center inefficiencies or goals to the components of CCAI that can transform that aspect of the business.


In demonstrating proof of value (POV), what strategies are implemented to pilot a CCAI successfully?


Proof-of-value can be tricky when there are different measurements of success across various organizations. What we aim to do with a pilot is carve out an impactful segment of the overall contact center experience and leverage Google’s CCAI to make it better in some way – empowering live agents or building virtual ones. When we align success metrics with metrics that highlight the current pain points of a contact center (i.e., hold time, transfers, resolution rates), we ensure you’re focused on the right things that will drive value for the end user.


How will omnichannel capabilities enhance CCAI technology?


Omnichannel capabilities are built into CCAI, which is one of the greatest value-adds of the suite. Traditionally, you may work with two vendors to build chat and voice capabilities. With CCAI, you create once and can instantly scale across voice and chat channels. Embed in your phone systems, drop into your mobile app or website – CCAI makes that more accessible than ever while minimizing the upfront cost and time investment.


How does the integration of Big Query, Looker, and CCAI work?


Since Google Cloud’s offerings include robust data processing and visualization tools like Looker, BigQuery, and CCAI, we can lean into them to provide insights without complicating our technology stack. Data is an essential part of conversational AI and continuous improvement. Google supports that synergy by pushing new Dialogflow CX features to make the transfer of logs to BigQuery organized and instant, without manual effort.


CCAI utilizes one technology stack. How will this simplify maintenance?


The gains from a single technology stack can be felt in several ways. There’s simpler technical maintenance by managing only one underlying virtual agent that drives chat and voice interactions. There are operational maintenance gains with IAM being controlled only in Google Cloud and not having to be replicated across multiple disparate consoles and systems. There’s the maintenance of billing and licensing – all transparently handled via Google Cloud compared to interacting with and paying multiple vendors and providers. There’s also the maintenance of data – stored within GCP and not sent across cloud providers or transferred into other systems, where pipelines can be prone to error and continuous maintenance.


What benefits can a client expect from implementing a full Contact Center Platform?


The full CCAI Platform introduces synergies between Dialogflow CX virtual agents and live human agents. Because the CCAI Platform integrates with the entire CCAI suite of tools, you have easy access to Agent Assist features and a simple configuration of virtual agents to sit on top of your contact center. You can service customers 24/7 with a virtual agent while escalating complex inquiries to live agents. Then once in the hands of a live agent, you can serve them suggested replies and knowledge articles in real time based on models trained by your best customer service representatives.


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