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Media Entertainment with Google Cloud Security

66degrees helped a leading media entertainment company take a proactive security approach with Google Cloud best practices. Through a robust Google Cloud security assessment and team training, 66degrees delivered confidence along a security-focused cloud journey. 66degrees helped a leading media & entertainment company take a proactive security approach with Google Cloud.

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A Secure Start on Google Cloud

The media & entertainment company was relatively new to Google Cloud. The bulk of their infrastructure was on AWS, and they wanted to explore a multi-cloud approach.

Before kicking off their exploration of the platform, they leaned on 66degrees to take a proactive approach to Google Cloud security, organization, and infrastructure.

The Challenge

Security is a primary driver for this organization. One of their goals was to arm their engineers with cloud security best practices. Their team needed to bolster critical skills and get a comprehensive view of their Google Cloud environment. As a first step, 66degrees assessed their infrastructure and security protocols and then created a plan for moving forward.

The Solution

Having little prior experience with Google Cloud, the media & entertainment partnered with 66degrees to enact Google Cloud security practices. 66degrees’s cloud security experts performed a comprehensive Google Cloud Security Assessment.

The findings spurred a reimplementation of the Security Command Center (SCC), secure architecture setup, logging and monitoring, security policy enactment, and SecOps practices.

Leveraging in-platform and third-party tools, 66degrees enforced leading security practices within their environment. 66degrees’s team of cloud educators then trained the media & entertainment company’s engineers on security and Google Cloud best practices and protocols.

The Result

With training and engineering assistance from 66degrees’s cloud security experts, the media & entertainment company could better understand and prepare for security events using Google Cloud.

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