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66degrees Gives Varuna A Secure Start On Google Cloud

Varuna IoT, a real-time water quality monitoring company, wanted to migrate their AWS infrastructure to Google Cloud to cut cloud costs and bolster security. 66degrees devised a strategy, executed the migration, and set up a secure Google Cloud landing zone to ensure Varuna’s new environment followed Google Cloud’s security best practices.

Through this AWS to Google Cloud migration, Varuna gained a secure, optimized cloud environment. Varuna aims to use Google Cloud’s built-in machine learning capabilities and Cloud IoT Core solution to accelerate its mission of ensuring communities have access to clean water.

The Challenge

Varuna was running on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and wanted to avoid over-provisioning. To do this, they needed to move to a serverless architecture, which would allow them to reduce wasted cloud spend and expand their product’s machine learning capabilities.

The Solution

The scope of this AWS to Google Cloud migration included Varuna IoT’s front-end website, client portal application, and relational database:

  • Database Migration: AWS RDS Postgres database instance to a Cloud SQL Postgres instance
  • Front-end Website Migration: S3 hosting of static HTML and JavaScript files to Google Cloud Storage buckets and representative Cloud CDN service instances
  • Application Migration: Python (with Django) app from AWS Elastic Beanstalk to Google App Engine

Before moving critical workloads, Qwinix brought in cloud security experts to perform a Secure Google Cloud Landing Zone Setup . This service ensures new Google Cloud environments meet security best practices: Organization structure (folders, projects, resources), IAM setup, Bucket policies, Security Command Center tooling, and more.

The Result

Varuna IoT migrated from AWS to Google Cloud with the help of 66degrees engineers and cloud experts. Their new infrastructure reduced monthly cloud spend while propelling product innovation with Google Cloud’s breadth of built-in machine learning and IoT capabilities. Varuna also enjoyed a best practice approach to Google Cloud security. 66degrees’ Secure Landing Zone Setup offered baked-in security protocols for their production workloads and automated secure deployment processes. It will serve as a repeatable template for organized, compliant growth within Varuna’s Google Cloud environment. The company is looking forward to adopting Google Cloud’s Cloud IoT Core solution to further accelerate its growth.

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