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The Challenge

Dematic is a global leader in Intralogistic Software Development, specializing in Automed Execution Systems for warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities. Traditionally, Dematic’s software has been installed locally at their customer’s sites and on servers provided by their customers. This installation is not cost-effective and limits Dematic’s ability to centralize the control and maintenance of their software applications. Software updates and any required maintenance must be done in person at their customer sites, which further increased overhead costs. 

The Solution

66degrees helped build a cloud native deployment with a modular architecture to promote scalability, flexibility, reduced development effort, and future solution growth. 66degrees and Dematic partnered together to containerize their existing codebase and deploy the modularized systems onto Google Kubernetes Engine. 66degrees has provided advisory and implementation services for all Google Cloud infrastructure development, deployment architecture, and cloud administration. 

The Results

With help from 66degrees, Dematic has successfully delivered the first release of their Cloud Native Warehouse Execution Software, FlexWES 21.1, in April 2021 and continues to make subsequent releases as the year progresses. The cloud native modular deployment has transferred complete ownership of the software from their customers to Dematic, while removing any server overhead since Google Cloud will be responsible for the underlying infrastructure. The solution enables Dematic to increase development productivity and update their global software from a centralized location, leading to rapid system enhancements and capabilities.

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