AI-Enabled Visual Inspection At The Edge | July 6, 2022

10:00 am Central Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are needed today to address automation of quality inspection such as product quality, welding seams, electronic boards, and silicon wafers. Today, manufacturing plant operators are worried about extending the cloud to their production lines because of resource constraints and security concerns. More specifically, the challenge is in […]

Why Pair Programming Works

Why Pair Programming Works, and the Benefits

“Why pair programming? Putting two engineers together is going to cut my velocity in half!” We hear it all the time and understand how counterintuitive pair programming can seem. After all, we’re asking our clients to allow us to team up two engineers for a majority of their day, tackling a single problem together. Shouldn’t […]

Secure Your Company Data with a Secret Manager

What Is a Secret Manager?

Too often, managing the integrity of secrets and credentials—passwords, API keys, tokens, and so on—is an overlooked security factor in organizations. And since every automation tool, script, and application we use contains sensitive data, no one can afford to ignore secret management.  Many companies lack the proper security measures to protect their secrets and risk […]

Configuring a Google Cloud Private Network, Part One: Architecture & VPC Design

Google Cloud Private Network - Architecture and Design

At 66degrees, security is always top of mind for our clients and us when we architect Google Cloud solutions. Starting with Google’s extensive list of security best practices, we bake security into every aspect of our designs. One of the most important security controls we offer our clients is a private network. Like other cloud […]

Google Launches BigLake, a Bottomless Data Lake for Storing Data from Anywhere

Google Launches BigLake, a New Storage Engine Solution

At the 2022 Cloud Data Summit, Google announced the launch of BigLake, a new cross-platform solution that went into preview on April 13 and will make it easier to analyze data, regardless of where or how it’s stored. It’s big news for developers looking for a more uniform storage engine to streamline their business data. […]

App Engine vs Compute Engine: Which Google Service Should You Use for Your Deployment?

Which is better for deployment - App Engine vs Compute Engine

For many customers just getting started on their cloud modernization journey, the dizzying array of options available can be overwhelming. As software engineers and platform operators evaluate their options, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to choose the “right” path. The truth is that there is no single path that is best for every […]

Google Cloud SQL: Best Practices for Maximizing High Availability

Maximizing High Availability on Google Cloud SQL

For companies large and small, usage of Google Cloud SQL instances always shares one common business requirement: high availability. High availability is a system’s ability to operate continuously without failure. For traditional, on-premise SQL instances, high availability can be fraught with data availability and consistency issues, but Google Cloud SQL makes it easy for your […]