Agile Project Planning Explained

The Five Levels of Agile Project Planning

Many think the agile approach doesn’t involve planning. But, as we know at 66degrees, that’s one of the biggest myths of antipattern pushback.  Agile doesn’t mean “no planning.” In fact, planning is one of the most critical parts of our engagement delivery process. It’s how we reduce uncertainty at every stage of a project. It […]

Why Pair Programming Works

Why Pair Programming Works, and the Benefits

“Why pair programming? Putting two engineers together is going to cut my velocity in half!” We hear it all the time and understand how counterintuitive pair programming can seem. After all, we’re asking our clients to allow us to team up two engineers for a majority of their day, tackling a single problem together. Shouldn’t […]

App Engine vs Compute Engine: Which Google Service Should You Use for Your Deployment?

Which is better for deployment - App Engine vs Compute Engine

For many customers just getting started on their cloud modernization journey, the dizzying array of options available can be overwhelming. As software engineers and platform operators evaluate their options, it’s not uncommon for them to struggle to choose the “right” path. The truth is that there is no single path that is best for every […]

What Is Cloud Run? Going Serverless for Efficiency and Scale

Google's Cloud Run - Uses and Benefits

A common barrier between development teams and getting code out the door is their underlying, server-centric infrastructure. Serverless computing was created to allow developers to build and run applications without relying on servers.  Every major cloud player offers a serverless computing tool. In 2019, Google Cloud introduced Cloud Run. Unlike AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, and […]

Google Cloud Anthos vs. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform

OpenShift vs. Anthos — Which is better?

Google Cloud Anthos vs. Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform — which is better for application development and container management? Both are based on open-source, community-led projects and offer a myriad of benefits and features, but there are a few key differences.  What Is Google Cloud Anthos? Anthos is a modern application management platform that extends […]

How to Extract Nested Structs In BigQuery

nested structs in bigquery

Google Cloud BigQuery comes with all sorts of built-in analytics and AI capabilities. Because of its nature as a columnar data store, however, BigQuery SQL syntax can sometimes be non-intuitive to work within some regards. This includes removed nested structs in BigQuery. Google recommended best practices for query performance and cost optimization are to denormalize […]

BigQuery Backups: Three Methods for Protecting Your Data

BigQuery backups - 66degrees blog

A comprehensive strategy for BigQuery backups and recovering your data is a must-have in the event of a data failure. With Google BigQuery’s snapshot feature, creating backups for your data in BigQuery for archival, disaster recovery, and regulatory compliance is easier and more efficient than ever. In this article, we’ll start with a look at Time […]

Kubernetes Best Practices: Graceful Pod Shutdown

Kubernetes graceful pod shutdown - 66degrees blog

When dealing with critical workloads in a Kubernetes cluster, starting and stopping containers is a delicate task that requires orchestration and control. There’s even more added complexity brought into the mix when a Canary Release is involved, or a node is suddenly shut down. The Kubernetes community knows this pain too well. Kubernetes Graceful Pod […]

AWS Outposts vs Google Cloud Anthos

AWS Outposts vs. Google Cloud Anthos - 66degrees blog

When considering AWS Outposts vs Google Cloud Anthos, it’s essential to note that both have reimagined the modern hybrid cloud strategy, bringing a world of possibilities to organizations that have workloads spread across public and on-prem environments. While AWS Outposts and Google Cloud Anthos aim to give organizations greater power, simplicity, and control of their […]

What Is a Cloud Application?

cloud application

Cloudapplications are the new standard in software sales and development. They allow more flexibility, better security, and increase accessibility for users. But what is a cloud application? What different options are available? More importantly, which is the right one for your organization? Let’s break it down. What is a Cloud Application? A cloud application is […]