What Is Cloud Sprawl? And Three Ways to Control It

What cloud sprawl is, and how to control it

Many companies have been able to save on IT costs and innovate faster thanks to the cloud, but what happens when a company has more cloud resources than it needs and cloud sprawl takes over?  Wasted cloud spend is becoming top of mind for many business leaders. The problem is few companies start with a […]

66degrees Expands Managed Google Cloud Optimization Services to Provide 24/7 Support & Technical Guidance

Managed Google Cloud Optimization Expansion

66degrees, a Google Premier Partner, announced the launch of their expanded Managed Cloud Optimization service. The upgraded service enhances support with access to top cloud engineers, advisors, and tooling to help companies optimize for a high-performing Google Cloud Platform environment.  The revamped program elevates services to reduce costs, manage infrastructure, and provide long-term strategic guidance […]

Comparing CUDs, SUDs, and Commits in Google Cloud

comparing CUDs and commits - 66degrees blog

Comparing CUDs, SUDs, and Commits in Google Cloud Think about the cloud from the perspective of the provider (Google, AWS, or Azure). These providers have a huge inventory management problem. When all is said and done, IT outsourcing is a razor thin margin for business and has consistently burned data center businesses for 20 years. […]

Using a Structured Framework to Optimize Cloud Costs

optimize cloud costs - 66degrees blog

With the cloud revolution, engineers were given the power to create infrastructure in seconds. While this is great for an organization’s pace of innovation, it’s not ideal for budgets. This shift from CapEx to OpEx, where companies move from costs being fixed to variable, puts additional expectations on technology teams. There’s a need to focus […]

How to Build a FinOps Engineering Plan

Build a FinOps engineering plan - 66degrees blog

Cost is a metric that should be tracked and monitored like any other when you build a FinOps Engineering plan. This includes resizing cloud resources to better match the workload requirements, allocating container costs, finding unused storage, and computing. When creating your plan, two key questions to ask are: What metric will we use to understand cost […]

How to Keep Track of Cloud Costs

keep track of cloud costs - 66degrees blog

Going to the cloud is often viewed by engineers as an exciting opportunity to iterate quickly, test and build great products more efficiently, and do things they could not do on-premises thanks to the elastic nature of the cloud. This opportunity also makes it necessary to keep track of cloud costs. But, that excitement can […]