What Is Google Cloud Compute Engine? A Beginner’s Guide

What Is Google Cloud Compute Engine? A Guide

If you have been using your own hardware to create and manage VMs, you might be wondering, “What is Google Cloud Compute Engine?” Before getting to that outright, it’s important to understand why it matters in the first place.  Purchasing and managing your own hardware to create and run VMs and applications is expensive and […]

Developer’s Take: How Google Cloud Prioritizes the Developer Experience

How Google Cloud Prioritizes the Developer Exeperience

Balanced teams of software engineers, designers, and product managers set the pace of innovation at a company. Companies consistently focus on ways to attract the best talent in pursuit of setting their organization on a strong course of rapid innovation. However, keeping these teams agile, innovative, and free from blockers is a challenge in itself. […]

Six Signs It’s The Right Time to Migrate to the Cloud

right time to migrate to the cloud

Cloud adoption is essential to do business these days. As of 2021, nearly 94% of all enterprises utilize the cloud and 48% of businesses store their most important data on the cloud. The benefits to organizations using cloud technology are growing constantly, making the option to use the cloud a clear one. This leaves one […]

Google Cloud Platform vs. Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform vs. Microsoft Azure

When looking for a cloud service provider, the choice for many often comes down to Google Cloud Platform vs Microsoft Azure. Both offer some of the best products and services available among today’s cloud service providers. However, they also share many similarities and capabilities, making your decision — and understanding the small but key differences […]

In the 21st Century Data is Gold

Data is Gold - 66degrees blog

In the 21st century, data is gold. Every business, large and small, tracks and manages its own data to continue thriving in today’s economy. In the mid 19th century, the rush for gold may have been fueled by the hunger to possess the actual rock extracted from the cold, hard ground. However, most of the actual […]

What’s Involved in a Cloud-to-Cloud Migration?

cloud-to-cloud migration

When you hear the term cloud migration, it’s usually referring to a company moving their data and systems from their own internal architecture to the cloud. But what happens if a company is already in the cloud, but wants to move to a new cloud platform? It’s possible to migrate from one SaaS application to […]