Secure Your Company Data with a Secret Manager

What Is a Secret Manager?

Too often, managing the integrity of secrets and credentials—passwords, API keys, tokens, and so on—is an overlooked security factor in organizations. And since every automation tool, script, and application we use contains sensitive data, no one can afford to ignore secret management.  Many companies lack the proper security measures to protect their secrets and risk […]

Configuring a Google Cloud Private Network, Part One: Architecture & VPC Design

Google Cloud Private Network - Architecture and Design

At 66degrees, security is always top of mind for our clients and us when we architect Google Cloud solutions. Starting with Google’s extensive list of security best practices, we bake security into every aspect of our designs. One of the most important security controls we offer our clients is a private network. Like other cloud […]

A Secure Start: Establishing Your Google Cloud Landing Zone

Google Cloud Landing Zone Setup - Secure Landing Zone Design and Implementation for Google Cloud

A Google CloudLanding Zone is the foundational framework of your Google Cloud environment. This configured environment aims to standardize your cloud infrastructure — providing a baseline for resource organization, policy management, identity and access control, and more. Landing zones are a rather universal concept of multi-account architecture (used in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, etc.) and serve […]