Getting to Google Cloud: Integrating Cloud IAP with Cloud Run

Want to take better advantage of Google Cloud’s fully managed platform?66degrees’ GCP Infrastructure Engineer, Udesh Udayakumar (also known as The Cloud Pilot), walks us through how to integrate Cloud IAP with Cloud Run in this virtual screen share. Share this video         Related Posts

How to get started with Google Cloud database migrations Eric Lannert is Chief Architect at 66degrees, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, who focuses solely on Google Cloud. In this presentation, he dives into additional client examples to show sample data migration paths and best practices based on industry, requirements, security, etc. Share this video Related Posts

Google Database Offerings: Which database best fits my application? Arturo Castenada is a Data Management Specialist from Google Cloud. He has an extensive data background, having worked in multiple industries and as a consultant delivering global solutions. From Memorystore, to Cloud SQL, Bare Metal Solution, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, and more, watch his session to help you decide which database best fits your […]

Customer Testimonial: Google Cloud SQL & Kubernetes Mo Asady, CTO of Convirza, discusses the process his organization took as they moved from AWS to Google Cloud. Their requirements included scalability, minimizing spend, performance improvement, CloudOps and subject matter expertise to provide recommendations based on actual experience. Watch to hear his story. Share this video Related Posts

Introduction to Google Cloud & Journey to Cloud Databases Gus Kimble leads and manages a Google Cloud national team of Sales & Customer Engineers with a sole focus on data, including databases and data warehousing. Share this video Related Posts

Top Favorite Google Workspace Updates from Q3 2022

66degrees’ Google Workspace Customer Engineers sit down and discuss their favorite new features from the last quarter. Listen in on the details around Calendar appointment scheduling, Drive trust rules, the unified experience with Gmail logs in BigQuery, the ability to draft email templates in Google Docs and more. Share this video         […]

Google Workspace Admin Controls: Session Control

This virtual event features technology leaders who share innovative insights on taking advantage of industry-leading database solutions. You’ll hear from Google product experts and 66degrees on how to accelerate the migration of your data infrastructure to the cloud, how to transform your business by maximizing the value of your data, and how to deliver the […]

Google Workspace Admin Controls: DLP

Google Workspace’s Data Loss Prevention allows you to create and apply rules to control the content and files that users can share outside of the organization. Prevent unintended exposure of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or identity numbers with this simple tool. Share this video         Related Posts

Google Workspace Admin Controls: Context Aware Access

Create granular access control policies to apps based on attributes such as user identity, geographic location, device security status, and IP address. Watch this video for instructions on how to set up these controls and best practices as you implement and manage them. Share this video         Related Posts