Google Workspace Admin Controls: Blocked Senders List

As an administrator, you can help prevent spam and malicious email by adding email addresses or entire domains to a blocked senders list. This way you are automatically rejecting emails from them. Watch the example to learn how. Share this video         Related Posts

How (and Why) To Manage Change Through a Google Workspace Migration

In this episode, we interview change management experts from both Google Cloud and 66degrees while they cover the psychology and methodologies around change management. Their interview concludes with an explanation of how to successfully deliver a change management program. These best practices come from over a decade of helping organizations migrate to Google Cloud, specifically […]

Get Started With Google Cloud: GKE Accelerator for Containerized Workloads

The GKE Accelerator by 66degrees allows for the end-to-end deployment of everything needed for organizations to start containerized app development or modernization. It includes source repos in Github, cloud build pipelines, the ability to add new teams and apps using opinionated workflows, and creates dev/test/prod environments right out of the box. Share this video   […]

Google Workspace Migrations & Domain Transfer Tool

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a lot of activity around mergers and acquisitions. As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, 66degrees helps organizations consolidate data into one environment through Workspace to Workspace migrations. In this video, we review our methods and dive into Google’s Domain Transfer Tool with Google and 66degrees engineers. […]