Data Engineering & Analytics

Unlock Value From All Your Data Assets

Our Data Engineering and Analytics Services are instrumental in helping our clients modernize their data infrastructure, including transitioning from legacy systems to modern cloud solutions on Google Cloud.

These services improve data quality and security, and provide businesses with data visualization tools for more intuitive understanding of their data. This modernization fosters innovation and provides the foundation for a data-driven future.

Success Story

A New Looker Solution Designed
For Better Business Analysis

66degrees partners with media client TVision to improve their performance Service- Level Agreements (SLA’s) and reported metrics while providing their clients with access to nuanced data. Some of the largest brands in the world, top media networks, and streaming applications access TVision’s engagement metrics; therefore, the alignment with 66degrees was essential in advancing their analytical capabilities. 

Our Approach

66degrees specializes in unlocking business insights by migrating and consolidating source systems to efficient and effective infrastructure. Our strategic migration plans minimize downtime and client impact while providing guidance on future cloud-readiness, ensuring your data is easily accessible in a single, secure location.

66degrees will automate the retrieval of your data and apply business logic to streamline the process. Your tailored data framework will standardize collection, integration, and reporting. Plus, it aims to minimize the potential for human error. You’ll enjoy a holistic view of critical business information, a team that’s free of data to-dos, and a framework that will scale with your organization.

  • Unify business-critical data from a variety of sources

  • Overcome formatting issues to instantly integrate like-data

  • Free your team from tedious data cleansing tasks

  • Give stakeholders a data-driven view of your business

Numbers on spreadsheets only tell part of the story. Understanding what data is available for integration into a reporting schedule can release unparalleled insight into key decision-making areas.

Through the use of visualization tools, 66degrees is able to assist in the development of business indicators that can be shared at all levels. This allows for not only deeper insight into everyday operations, but potential connections between datasets that were not previously understood. 

  • Comprehensive data integration
  • Report development and release scheduling
  • Strategy support and business indicator identification

Forecasting for the future is what will keep you two steps ahead of the competitors. It’s a valuable tool for expectation setting and growth guidance. However, oftentimes businesses find themselves with a wealth of information that feels underutilized. You know the value is there, but how can you best unlock it?

That’s where intelligent, predictive forecasting comes in. 66degrees AI/ML experts will help you identify and capture business-critical insights through predictive models. Plus, how to apply those predictions to future outcomes.

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