AI-Enabled Visual Inspection At The Edge | July 6, 2022

10:00 am Central

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning are needed today to address automation of quality inspection such as product quality, welding seams, electronic boards, and silicon wafers. Today, manufacturing plant operators are worried about extending the cloud to their production lines because of resource constraints and security concerns. More specifically, the challenge is in blending cloud IT infrastructure with the factory network in a way that maintains the high reliability, deterministic real-time performance and availability demanded of factory equipment.

In this webinar, you will learn about best practices for combining the best of cloud and edge computing in a safe, reliable, and updatable way. This will be highlighted by walking through a use case to showcase how an OEM can deploy the Google Cloud Visual Inspection AI service in a manufacturing environment. The speakers include a tier 1 manufacturer, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, and a provider of secure connected software frameworks. The webinar will include a review of a system architecture that allows a single hardware system to run both cloud-connected and on-prem workloads while meeting all of the security and air-gapping requirements.

We believe this approach opens up tremendous potential for rapidly achieving meaningful business outcomes for quality use cases without the burden of building a data infrastructure and data science team. Additionally, the plant operator is able to rapidly address additional AI/ML use cases with the same infrastructure simply by modifying the inference model.


Eric Lannert

Chief Architect, 66degrees

Riccardo Sesini

Head of Digital Office, VHIT

Ian Ferguson

VP Sales and Marketing, Lynx Software Technologies

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