GKE Accelerator

Simplify the deployment of everything you need to start containerized app development.


With growing market pressure to remedy legacy applications, rapid speed of adoption became a critical need among organizations in the industries we serve.

It prompted 66degrees to release the GKE Accelerator, which simplifies the end-to-end deployment of everything needed for clients to start containerized app development or modernization.

Through Terraform and Cloud Build scripts, we cut deployment time of a full GKE environment from weeks to just 1 to 2 days — while making sure clients feel confident and in control at every step.

Accelerator Components

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Allows multiple apps or services to share GKE clusters

Multi-Tenant Admin

Manage global secrets and pipelines for multi-tenant infrastructure

Single-Tenant Factory

Create and manage app projects and teams

Single-Tenant Project Group

Per-environment projects for each app or service

Single-Tenant Project

Holds app-specific infrastructure

Multi-Tenant Infrastructure Project

Per-environment common infrastructure, including GKE and other shared services

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