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As a proud Google Cloud Premier Partner, we have consistently surpassed client expectations, aiding them in transforming their businesses from outdated infrastructures to innovative, cloud-based solutions tailored for enterprise brands. This partnership amplifies our technical and product expertise, as well as our adaptive capabilities, allowing us to address our clients’ unique challenges effectively.

Google Cloud Generative AI
Launch Partner

Google Cloud is making it easy to unlock the power of Generative AI, opening the door for a new era of applications that can create, recommend, synthesize, analyze, and engage in a natural and responsible way.

We are excited to announce that 66degrees has been selected as a Google Cloud GenAi Launch Partner. We can help you learn more about how you can build generative AI applications quickly, efficiently, and responsibly, powered by Google’s most advanced technology. 

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Clients that we've helped modernize with Google Cloud

Data Engineering + Analytics

Our Data Engineering and Analytics services involve the collection, processing, storage, and analysis of data to derive insights and make data-driven decisions.

Data Science

Our Data Science services offer a range of expertise and techniques to extract meaningful insights from complex data sets, surface new opportunities and optimize processes.

Infrastructure Modernization

Our services involve upgrading legacy systems to modern cloud architectures, enabling organizations to improve operations, enhance scalability and flexibility, and reduce costs.

Application Development

Building and deploying cloud-native applications using modern methodologies and technologies to help businesses leverage the cloud's scalability, resilience, and agility.

Managed Services

We provide expert management of cloud infrastructure and systems ensuring optimal performance, security, and reliability allowing them to focus on core operations.

Productivity + Collaboration

We provide services for Google Workspaces' cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools that allows for seamless teamwork from anywhere, anytime.

Our Partnership At Work

Getting our clients there with Google Cloud – that’s what we do. Companies ranging from born-in-the-cloud disruptors to world-class enterprise brands all rely on our strategic guidance and specialized services.

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