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Edge Computing Solutions

Custom Edge IoT Solutions

Blur the lines between digital and physical interactions with custom IoT and Vision AI edge computing solutions from 66degrees. With edge computing, you can revolutionize IoT solutions to maximize revenue and capture operational efficiencies for your business. 

The Future of Data Analytics

What Is Edge Computing?

Rethink what’s possible with your data. Edge computing, a form of distributed computing, lets you run processing where it makes the most business sense.

If you need ultra-low response times under 10ms, you can run the inference processing on-prem. Less time-sensitive use cases can run in the cloud, reducing on-prem hardware investments. 

IoT, for example, can be a minimal on-prem footprint. Your setup would rely on sensors and cameras, running all processing in the cloud.

Edge Computing with Google Cloud

Google Cloud is at the forefront of smart analytics and data transformation. By leveraging their robust data suite and edge capabilities, your business can run edge solutions in physical locations or on IoT devices, where data may not be able to move to the cloud or SaaS storage. With Google Cloud’s edge solutions, you can:

  • Achieve modern and scalable governance and observability across locations
  • Leverage Google’s industry-leading security and data practices
  • Capture new data generated from sensors, cameras, and machine learning
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The Edge in Action

Real-World Applications

Need to alert in-store staff the minute only three bottles of milk remain on the shelf? Want to detect even the most subtle defects during the assembly process? The edge makes it possible. From retail to manufacturing, many industries use IoT edge solutions to radically optimize their business.

Watch Google Cloud Certified Fellow David “Mac” McDaniel bring the future of food service to life with machine learning at the edge.

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In The Wild

Inspiring Acts of Innovation

Each custom edge solution is Google Cloud-native and runs on Anthos Bare Metal and NVIDIA Tesla T4 GPU. Our team prioritizes existing hardware, like live security camera feeds, and Google’s machine learning tools to deliver new data-driven experiences.

Reimagined Smart Retail: gain eCommerce-level insights on in-store traffic patterns

ML-Enhanced Manufacturing: detect defects in real-time with Visual Inspection AI from Google Cloud

Superior Stadium and Theme Park Experiences: from reducing client wait times, crowd and hygiene monitoring to 5G connectivity for fans

Let’s Get You There

66degrees builds edge solutions using powerful Google Cloud tools like machine learning and Anthos on Bare Metal. Connect with us today about using edge solutions to take your data to the next level.

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