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Partnering you with a team of engineers and architects at the ready to help you launch Google Cloud initiatives, as well as build and transform your DevOps landscape.

A Cloud Journey Doesn’t Have A Final Destination

Velocity Engineering

Getting to the cloud is just the first step in your journey. Velocity Engineering aims to enable clients to continue to move quickly while they continue their cloud journey — as they build, optimize, and maintain their Google Cloud environment.

With Velocity Engineering, 66degrees Google Cloud experts work alongside your internal team to quickly react to changing needs, optimize current performance, and adopt new features and technologies as they become available.

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Our Approach

How It Works

You’re allotted fractional time from a highly-skilled and diversified group of Google Cloud and DevOps engineers and architects. Working from weekly sprints, Velocity Engineering focuses on building a backlog with you that executes your vision. As your capabilities, DevOps toolchains, and understanding of Google Cloud evolve, Velocity Engineering is there with you, executing your evolving roadmap.

Our Team, Your Tools

How We Deliver DevOps

DevOps is a complicated space. Every toolchain is different and every tool solves a different problem. Whether you have no DevOps toolchain today, are built on native GCP tools, or are utilizing 3rd party toolchains, our engineers jump in and deliver in your environment, in the toolchains that work for you. Our DevOps architects will ensure we're advising and auditing those tools too, reducing technical debt, and navigating your environment to the right tool for your DevOps challenges.

Your engineers’ success is our top priority. With 66degrees Embedded Engineering, your in-house experts are empowered in two ways. Velocity Engineering balances the load, so your team can continue to focus on what matters most, while also acting as an in-house source of expertise.

66degrees experts have extensive, in-the-trenches cloud expertise. They’ve helped multiple clients — ranging from cloud-native disrupters to top enterprise brands — make their cloud initiatives a reality. Their battle-tested experience is unmatched and offers a unique knowledge-sharing opportunity for in-house groups.

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Agile Project Planning Explained

Agile Project Planning Explained

Why Pair Programming Works

Why Pair Programming Works

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Each 66degrees Team is designed to bring a multifaceted cloud expertise to the table for long-term client support. Get in touch to see how Velocity Engineering can support your next era of growth.