Complex Biomedical Data Client: Quick & Compliant Cutover to Google Cloud

Our healthcare client, a leading life sciences data analytics company with a massive 30-terabyte database, engaged 66degrees for a database migration from AWS to Google Cloud Platform. The client was experiencing over 4 GB of data growth per week – the obvious engineering challenge becoming the speed of replication time and achieving an ideal cutover window under 30 minutes.

Trusting the cloud experts at 66degrees, the client’s database was not only securely and successfully migrated to Google Cloud Platform using a terraform infrastructure as code, our client migration team discovered the root cause of their platform’s growing weekly data and cut it down by 80%, avoiding disruption to the customer experience and potential revenue loss.

Business Challenge

Whether you are a mobile app company or B2B, the expectation in the market is that you’ll have zero downtime. Best in class companies are making 12x more frequent changes and thus responding 12x faster to market requests. Like those companies, our client wanted to enable rapid changes and treat their database like the rest of their tech stack. The fastest way to achieve this: Build all the tooling and capabilities in-house and manage your database as you manage your code. For our client, Google Cloud Platform was a move toward lower cost, improved performance, and a higher level of service with 66degrees as a partner.

Business Solution

Secured through terraform, we built our biomedical client’s network connection and moved all data to Cloud SQL for its ability to handle their heavy workloads. Correct data was verified in both places with cutover simulations and we advised the client on previously undetected source database challenges. The client reviewed everything – monitoring the pipeline and ensuring compliance with their security protocols.

Basic project checklist:

  • Network connection built and secured through terraform
  • Moved all data to Cloud SQL
  • Cutover simulations and verification of correct data in both places
  • Advised client on previously undetected source database challenges
  • Client reviewed everything, monitored pipeline, and ensured compliance with their security protocols.

Business Value Delivered

With our testing and iterative runs, reducing the cutover window to 15 minutes, our client had 100% confidence to move to production. The migration happened seamlessly and earned us trust with the client to move forward with additional engagements.

Industry: Healthcare

Project Highlight

“The best in class companies are making changes once a week to their applications, while most of the market is making only quarterly changes. The best are making 12x more frequent changes and thus responding 12x faster to the market requests.” – Eric Lannert, Chief Architect, 66degrees


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