Welcome to our 66degrees Client License Portal

Have Questions?

If you are a client and needing support, please let us know how we can by using our support portal.

Overview of Changes

As you have been informed we have moved to a new subscription management system called Chargebee. This will greatly improve how we manage your subscriptions internally, as well as give you greater visibility into your subscription through the revamped self-service portal.

No changes are needed for you to access Chargebee. If you currently have access to Cosmos you will also have access to Chargebee and will continue to login with Google authentication.

What’s New?

Through our new subscription management system you will be able to continue to add licenses on demand on qualifying subscriptions, but also:

  • View greater subscription detail such as contract period and order history
  • Change your desired renewal settings
  • View invoicing history

We are excited to implement this change to provide a better client experience. If you have any questions or need support we will gladly assist you through our client support portal here.