Marxent: Transformation Towards Better Business Analytics Initiatives

Business Challenge

With the need to provide their customers with a secure cloud environment for their retail data, Marxent looked to migrate their existing customer data and analytics initiatives to a modern cloud platform that not only provided security for their retail customers but also delivered the scalability and performance needed for their analytics applications.

Business Solution

66degrees assisted in the migration of Marxent® 3D Cloud and all Marxent 3D Commerce applications to the Google Cloud Platform, and a transformation of their business analytics initiatives through a modern infrastructure and applications that fully support a data-driven culture.

Google Cloud’s Looker integration liberates retail marketers from rote data tasks associated with 3D commerce applications such as augmented and virtual reality apps. With sophisticated dashboards, marketers can quickly sort through complex datasets and reveal actionable insights.

Business Value Delivered

The migration of Marxent’s cloud-based services to Google Cloud Platform provided a leap forward into fast, reliable, and secured content delivery that achieved global scalability with an enhanced security experience for their retail partners.

  • Increased sales and conversion rates

Industry: Technology & Software

Project Highlight

”Google Cloud offers cloud hosting that enhances the speed and performance of our apps, scales to the enterprise, and provides richer, more actionable data insights.” – Beck Besecker, CEO, Marxent


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