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a Data-Driven Future

66degrees is a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner that specializes in helping our clients in achieving success through the utilization of AI/ML and the modernization of their data, analytics, infrastructure, and applications. With over a decade of Google Cloud expertise, 66degrees leverages the capabilities of Google Cloud to develop cutting-edge cloud solutions for our clients.

These solutions include secure and compliant data collection, storage, and management, data analysis for valuable insights, and the development and implementation of AI/ML models to enhance business processes and task automation. By partnering with 66degrees, our clients can pave the way for a more data-driven future.

“Empowering organizations to transform by harnessing the power of AI/ML, and modernizing data, analytics, infrastructure, and applications through Google Cloud – for a more data-driven future”

The Perfect Storm
to Spark Innovation

There is a science to the perfect storm – and clouds within that storm to form, they require suspended water, ice crystals, or a mix of both, within a perfect temperature range. It is within this precise range that something remarkable can form and navigate the skies.

At 66degrees, our work is no different. We believe that we have fostered a culture with the right people, processes, skills, and technology working in perfect harmony that sparks innovation.

We Deliver Value For Our Clients
With Our Unmatched Expertise

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Clients that we've helped modernize with Google Cloud

Executive Leadership

Ben Kessler

Ben Kessler


Cullen O'Brien

VP Delivery

Chris Resch

Chief Revenue Officer

Aaron Billings

Chief Financial Officer

Molly Steffen

VP Talent Management

Sean Anderson

Senior VP Google Solutions


Dan Muscatello

VP Sales - East

Leah Gordon

Director of Sales - Southeast

Anjou Kay

Director of Sales - West

Tommy Bliven

VP Marketing


Adam Perry

Director of Sales - Central

Ashley Kelnhofer

Director Partner Marketing

Alan Miller

VP Corp and GWS

Briana Brown

Google Partner Alliances

Alex Voorhess

VP Customer Engineering


Daniel Zagales

VP Data Engineering

Shabbir Batta

Director Cloud Engineering

Matt Kelberman

VP Business Analytics

Betsy Hawkins

Director Delivery Management

Ken Seier


Eric Lannert

Chief Architect

Jaime Vega

Director Software Engineering

David McDaniel

Chief Architect

Darshan Puttannaih of 66degrees

Darshan Puttannaiah

VP India Engineering

Google Solutions

Kyle Crowe

VP Google Workspace

Jason McElhaney

Director Google Solutions

Caryn Carter

Cloud Consulting Leader

Doug Sheley

Support Leader Google Solutions


Jon Boll

VP Finance

Troy Kindle

Director L&D

Chengappa M G

VP India Delivery & Operations

Emily Dydzak

Director Contractor Management

Briana Ramondo

Director Talent Management

Scott Scanlon

Director IT

Caitlin Garcia

Director HR

Justin Metz


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