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How the City of Pittsburgh Modernized on Google Cloud

The City of Pittsburgh’s IT team was responsible for supporting city employees’ software applications and hardware devices. But, because of the age of their on-premise hardware and the team’s need for cloud skills, they struggled to keep pace with demand and digital transformation. 

With the help of 66degrees, the City of Pittsburgh’s IT team was able to modernize on Google Cloud and save on infrastructure costs while enabling smarter city planning and development.

The Challenge

The City of Pittsburg’s IT team needed to transform their infrastructure to meet employee demand and technical requirements. To do so, they would need to migrate their workloads to the cloud, expand their on-demand storage capacity, take advantage of dynamic compute capacity, and reduce operating costs through gained efficiencies. 

Before anything else, they needed to close the cloud skills gap on their team and learn the Google Cloud Platform from the ground up.


To overcome these challenges, they charted a path to Google Cloud with the guidance of 66degrees. In addition to workshops and training, the 66degrees team provided: 

  • Core Organization Setup: Cloud Foundations to provision infrastructure as software, from network to compute resources through Terraform
  • Partner Interconnect: ISP-enabled connectivity from Co-Lo facilities to Google Cloud, providing high bandwidth needs for live migrations
  • Application Migration: Stratozone inventory and HCX VM migration tool deployment
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine: VMware-based infrastructure migration to Google Cloud without changes to apps, tools, or processes
  • Layer-2 Network Extension: IP-based traffic extension between on-premise to Google Cloud for easy migrations
  • Integrated Professional and Managed Services Team: Set up environment monitoring and alerting with Google Cloud Platform’s operations suite for long-term support and continual improvement


With the help of 66degrees engineers and cloud experts, the City of Pittsburgh’s IT team moved over 100 VMware VMs to Google Cloud with new IP addresses. The Technical Infrastructure Workshops for Google Cloud Platform Foundations, Google Cloud Platform Landing Zone, and Infrastructure as Code pipeline via Terraform also ensured their new cloud environment is sustainable long-term. 

The team was also able to reduce infrastructure costs while increasing on-demand compute and storage. Now, they can support a range of software applications and hardware devices for city employees, including enterprise applications, data engineering, mobile devices, and IoT devices.  

"Google Cloud removed the challenges we had identified early on, and 66degrees laid a path with very few obstacles we would have to overcome."
Phil Savino
Assistant Director of Operations, City of Pittsburgh

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