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Digible: AWS RDS to Google Cloud SQL Database Migration

66degrees Rebuilds Digible’s AI Marketing Platform’s Database on Google Cloud


Digible’s AI marketing platform, Fiona, had a relational database built on AWS, and they wanted to migrate it to Google Cloud to cut costs and improve data quality. 66degrees created a custom AWS RDS to Google Cloud SQL database migration plan to ensure the platform’s new environment was cost-efficient and had clean, accurate data models. 

Digible is a Denver-based agency providing a full spectrum of digital marketing solutions for the apartment industry. Digible is a passionate and forward-thinking team designed to accelerate the world of multifamily housing marketing.

The Challenge

Digible wanted to improve Fiona’s cost-efficiency and move to Google Cloud. Before doing this, they first needed to fix the dataset errors found throughout their AI marketing platform’s database. 

The Solution

The scope of this AWS to Google Cloud migration included Digible’s AI marketing platform relational database. 66degrees’s cloud experts provided a customized approach that involved:

  • Overseeing the handling of source vs. target data type mapping
  • Identifying and resolving incorrect datasets throughout the source database
  • Building a process that supports full and incremental loads

The Results

Digible’s Fiona has increased overall performance since moving to Google Cloud. The platform has also seen improved connectivity with open marketing datasets like Google Analytics via cost-savings connecters. With finely tuned data models, they removed all inaccurate data and paved the way for leading-edge insights.

"66degrees has been a great asset in Digible's strategic move from AWS to Google Cloud. They guided us throughout the process and provided recommendations that helped alleviate technical debt and save us thousands of dollars long-term. We look forward to working with the 66degrees team again."

– Victor Dozal, Director of Engineering, Digible, Inc.

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