Our experts will be able to walk you through numerous solutions that we have implemented for our clients. A few of the demos that we will be highlighting are:

Chat66 GenAI Enterprise Landing Zone: Turnkey solution to provide safe, secure GenAI usage, and act as a foundation and accelerator for custom GenAI applications.

Looker Natural Language Understanding (NLU): A custom application, complete with Embedded Looker Dashboards, as well as an LLM-powered chatbot.

Ingest Orchestrate Transform Analyze Framework: Having a scalable data platform can take multiple iterations and a lot of technical debt.  See how a fully configurable data platform that handles ingestion, orchestration, transformation, and analysis can be deployed in a fraction of the time.

Route66: Walkthrough of how Route66 reduces complexities of database migrations.  Demonstration will spin up infrastructure, translate applicable database code (DDL), and transfer data.  End result is a Cloud SQL instance that is up and running.

If you are interested in any of these demos please stop by our booth #1221 and our team will be happy to showcase them.