Application Modernization

Get your applications cloud-ready while minimizing downtime and business impact.

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Application Modernization

Unlock greater agility and prime your team for what’s ahead with a holistic, app-centric approach to cloud adoption. 66degrees cloud experts follow proven methodologies to help companies assess and modernize their application portfolio based on technical, business, and organizational inputs.

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Our Approach

Build A Strong Cloud Migration Plan

Before moving to the cloud, you’ll need to decide what applications are ideal candidates. 66degrees will help you form a battle-tested migration strategy to move your most critical applications to the cloud.

From rehosting to a full refactor — your plan can take many shapes. Our team will work with you to choose the path that maximizes ROI with a balanced focus on both speed and impactful business outcomes.


Quickly identify applications and prioritize their modernization path based on technical, business, and organizational inputs. A Portfolio Assessment Workshop with 66degrees will provide a crystal-clear assessment of your applications to streamline your move to the cloud. Workshop length depends on the size of your application portfolio.

Application Portfolio Evaluation Criteria:

  • Technical: framework/runtime, architecture design, statefulness, proprietary tooling, dependencies, and usage.
  • Business: licensing fee implications, time-to-market factors, revenue opportunity, business criticality, risk tolerance, change frequency.
  • Organizational: domain expert availability, technical capability, organizational maturity, lifecycle, calendar dependencies.

Fast-track your move to the cloud with an expert-led application modernization initiative. 66degrees’ engineers follow a proven set of practices and principles, including the SWIFT method, to accelerate the modernization of large, monolith applications while reducing risk and creating repeatable patterns that help to expedite modernization across your entire portfolio.

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Vibrant Is Reimagining Banking and Using Google Cloud to Get There

Vibrant Is Reimagining Banking and Using Google Cloud to Get There

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