Data Modernization Results in $3M in Annual Savings for E-commerce Leader

Business Challenge

A leading e-commerce retailer with a multi-year cloud migration initiative faced a critical task: transitioning 200 single-purpose databases from on-premises systems to Google Cloud SQL. This involved decoupling interconnected MSSQL databases into micro-services powered by PostgreSQL, all while ensuring minimal disruption to operations.

Business Solution

66degrees partnered with the client’s db-tech team to provide white-glove migration services, successfully transferring over 100 databases to Cloud SQL. Crucially, 66degrees leveraged their proprietary “Route 66” tool to automate the MSSQL to Cloud SQL migration process, empowering the company with a self-service solution for future migrations.

Business Value Delivered

Cost Savings: 3M+ annual gross savings by shifting from costly on-premises licensing to optimized Cloud SQL infrastructure.

Reduced Migration Risk: 66degrees’ expertise and “Route 66” minimized disruption, errors, and downtime, safeguarding critical operations during the high-stakes migration.

Increased Scalability: Cloud SQL’s elasticity granted on-demand resource scaling, optimizing both performance and cost.

Increased Agility: Decoupled micro-services fueled faster development and streamlined deployments, unlocking greater agility and innovation.

Industry: Retail

Project Highlight

66degrees leveraged our proprietary “Route 66” solution to automate the MSSQL to Cloud SQL migration process and optimize cost savings


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