Accelerating Legacy Database to Cloud SQL Migration

66degrees’ Route66 Database Migration Accelerator automates Oracle, DB2, and MSSQL to Cloud SQL migration, streamlining tooling and accelerating migration timeline. It empowers teams to migrate databases independently and concurrently, while effortlessly handling unique scenarios.

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Route66 Benefits

  • License Cost Reduction

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Improved Integration

  • Optimized Performance

  • Complete Migration Assessment

  • Data Validation


Business Value Unlocked with Route66

Streamlined Tooling

Route66 simplifies tool complexity with its developer-friendly API, eliminating the need for product-specific training. By focusing on a single, API-based tool, developers can streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Migration at Scale

Route66 helps scale engineering teams, enabling them to migrate databases and execute migrations concurrently. This frees up your team to focus on mission-critical tasks while Route66 handles the heavy lifting.


When leveraging Route66 with a 66degrees migration project, our expert engineers provide comprehensive support throughout, assisting with issue resolution and helping your team initiate their migration processes. With white-glove support tailored for mission-critical databases, we ensure a smooth and seamless migration.


Data Modernization Results in $3M in Annual Savings for Ecommerce Leader

66degrees partnered with the client to provide white-glove migration services, successfully transferring over 100 databases to Cloud SQL. Crucially, 66degrees leveraged their proprietary “Route 66” tool to automate the MSSQL to Cloud SQL migration process, empowering the company with a self-service solution for future migrations.

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Proven Success Guiding Clients Through their Journey


Proven Success Guiding
Clients through their Journey

Let’s Get You There

Let’s Get You There