Migration to Google Cloud VMware Engine for Agility, Scale, and Security

Traditional data centers can be expensive and complex to manage, especially for businesses that are growing rapidly or need to scale their IT infrastructure on demand.

Google Cloud VMware Engine offers a fully managed cloud service that allows you to run your VMware workloads on Google Cloud’s highly performant and scalable infrastructure.

With Google Cloud VMware Engine, you can benefit from the agility, scale, and security of the cloud without having to refactor your applications or change your existing VMware environment.

What makes Google Cloud VMware Engine a compelling choice?

You can easily move and manage workloads using the same VMware tools and technologies you are comfortable using right now thanks to the Google Cloud VMware Engine, which offers a consistent operating experience. Both the infrastructure and operations stacks are VMware-based. You may swiftly switch to robust Google Cloud Services with the aid of the solution, maximizing your cloud transformation and modernizing your infrastructure and applications.

All the advantages of the Google Cloud Platform are included in the Google Cloud VMware Engine, including:

  • Networking: High-performance networking fabric supports the largest private data network in the world.
  • Company insights: Powerful data analytics and advanced AI/ML skills to guide company decisions.
  • Environmentally friendly: Where available, Google Cloud data centers run entirely on renewable energy, using only 50% of the energy of a normal DC.

Additional distinctive advantages provided by Google Cloud VMware Engine include:

  • Accelerated migration: In less than an hour, a full VMware SDDC may be provisioned. Without altering tools or programs, simply migrate workloads to Google Cloud and scale with on-demand capacity.
  • Enterprise-ready: Deploy demanding enterprise workloads, using market-leading VMware capabilities running on Google Cloud VMware Engine’s dedicated cluster design with 100 Gbps east-west networking, no bandwidth oversubscription, and 99.99% availability in a single zone.
  • Application modernization: With VMware Tanzu Standard, you can improve your apps, run both virtual machines (VMs) and containers on Google Cloud VMware Engine, and get private access to cutting-edge Google Cloud data analytics/AI/ML services like BigQuery and CloudAI to modernize and gain data-driven insights.
  • Consistent operations: Make use of your current knowledge and comfortable VMware tools to lighten the load of lifecycle management with integrated experience for access control, pricing, and identification with other Google Cloud services.
  • Reduced TCO: With an average TCO savings of 38% compared to on-prem, save time and money. Save money with vSphere’s powerful resource optimization capabilities, high node density per dollar, and cheap migration costs.

Use Cases for Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Modernizing legacy applications: Google Cloud VMware Engine makes it easy to modernize your legacy VMware applications without having to refactor them. You can migrate your existing workloads to the cloud and start taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud, such as agility, scale, and security.
  • Building new cloud-native applications: Google Cloud VMware Engine is also a great platform for building new cloud-native applications. You can use the same VMware tools and skills that you’re already using on-premises, but you’ll benefit from the performance, scalability, and security of Google Cloud.
  • Creating hybrid and multi-cloud environments: Google Cloud VMware Engine can be used to create hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This allows you to run your workloads in the cloud, on-premises, or in a combination of both.
  • Application Backup and DR Plan: For applications running completely on-premise, GCVE can be added as a backup setup and DR plan that can immediately start serving the endpoints when required.

A Case in Point: City of Pittsburgh Moves to Google Cloud

The City of Pittsburgh’s IT team struggled to keep up with demand and digital transformation due to aging on-premise hardware and a lack of cloud skills. 66degrees, helped the team migrate their applications to GCP using a large-scale, parallel migration strategy leveraging Google Cloud VMware, HCX Replication Assisted vMotion, and Google Interconnect. VMware HCX Replication Assisted vMotion allows for live migration of virtual machines between on-premise and cloud environments, with minimal to no downtime.

After a successful migration, 66degrees created a timeline for success and a four-year roadmap to leverage cloud-native solutions. This modernization has helped the city IT team improve performance, reliability, cost, scalability, flexibility, security, and compliance, enabling new digital transformation initiatives.

Google Cloud VMware Engine is a powerful cloud service that can help you modernize your legacy applications, build new cloud-native applications, and create hybrid and multi-cloud environments. If you’re using VMware Engine in your traditional data center, migrating to Google Cloud VMware Engine is a great way to improve the agility, scale, and security of your IT infrastructure.

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