City of Pittsburgh’s VM Migration Takes Them To Google Cloud

Business Challenge

The City of Pittsburgh IT infrastructure had many constraints due to the capacity and age of the existing hardware. CoP had limited resources, not being able to scale and meet the demands of their employees and technical requirements. The IT staff did not have cloud experience to quickly deploy and migrate.

In order to remove these restraints, CoP needed to migrate their workloads to the cloud environment to expand their on-demand storage capacity, take advantage of dynamic compute capacity, and reduce their operating costs through gained efficiencies. The IT staff needed to quickly be onboarded to cloud services and understand Google Cloud Platform from the ground up.

Business Solution

  • Core Organization Setup: Cloud Foundations to provision infrastructure as software; from network to compute resources through Terraform
  • Partner Interconnect: ISP enabled connectivity from Co-Lo facilities to Google Cloud providing high bandwidth needs for live migrations
  • Application Migration: Stratozone inventory & HCX VM migration tool deployment
  • Google Cloud VMware Engine: VMware-based infrastructure migration to Google Cloud without changes to your apps, tools, or processes.
  • Layer-2 Network Extension: IP based traffic extension between on-premise to Google Cloud for easy migrations

Business Value Delivered

  • Technical Infrastructure Workshops for GCP Foundations
  • GCP Landing Zone
  • Infrastructure as Code pipeline via Terraform
  • Migrated over 100 VMware VMs
  • Re-IP of migrated VMs
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Increased on-demand compute and storage

Industry: Infrastructure

Project Highlight

Google Cloud’s VMWare Engine powered a seamless migration of City of Pittsburgh’s 100+ VMs, preserving their existing environment while unlocking the cloud’s scalability, cost savings, and security benefits.


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