Convirza: Transforming Customer Conversations Into Sales

Business Challenge

Convirza, a leading call tracking and Conversation Analytics provider, realized a need to provide their customers with transcripts, logs, reports, and analytics for every interaction in real-time, even when sensitive financial and healthcare data needed redacting. Their legacy cloud infrastructure and databases–which sprawled across 450 virtual servers–couldn’t effectively scale to reliably support new users, applications, and security requirements.

Business Solution

Convirza sought a transformative solution to enhance its operations, and after a careful evaluation, turned to the secure and scalable capabilities of Google Cloud, complemented by the expertise of 66degrees. This strategic partnership initiated a multi-faceted technological overhaul for Convirza. The initial step involved the migration of Convirza’s database to Google Cloud’s Cloud SQL, a fully managed relational database service. 66degrees worked closely with Convirza to migrate other critical applications to Google Cloud, expanding Convirza’s technology stack.

These solutions included Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), which offers a managed Kubernetes environment for containerized applications. The deployment of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms enhanced Convirza’s data analytics capabilities, and an integration of Google Cloud’s Speech-to-Text and Translation AI tools enabled real-time analysis, transcription, and translation of interactions in multiple languages.

Business Value Delivered

Now with the ability to rapidly process tens of millions of high-speed, low-latency queries, Convirza efficiently and cost-effectively delivers an expanded portfolio of call tracking and conversation analytics to tens of thousands of customers. Google Cloud automatically scales up to support more users and inquiries during peak hours, and scales down during off-hours to reduce costs and usage of infrastructure and services that aren’t needed. Stabilized application performance and a lightning-fast reporting suite has significantly reduced support tickets and increased NPS and Hubspot satisfaction scores for Convirza, while increasing monthly recurring revenue for customers.

Convirza continues to work closely with Google Cloud and 66degrees to explore how Google Cloud data lake and Biglake can help further expand their call tracking and conversation analytics platform.

Industry: Technology & Software

Project Highlight

“66degrees led our flawless, accelerated migration to Google Cloud and was hands-on throughout the entire process. They continue to play a major role in helping us understand which Google Cloud solutions best fit our needs, while working closely with us to securely optimize infrastructure, applications, and data.” – Mo Asady, Chief Technology Officer, Convirza


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