Improving Customer Personalization At Scale Through Google Cloud

Business Challenge

With the goal of improving current customer personalization efforts for targeted email campaigns, Designer Brands Inc. faced the challenge of needing to improve the view of current customer profiles and to truly understand what customers expect, motivates, and retains them as loyal customers. In addition, their extremely large customer base prohibited them from using traditional data science tools and needed a more robust technology solution for their personalization initiatives to have a smart analytics driven customer experience strategy.

Business Solution

66degrees helped Designer Brands Inc. create a modern data management strategy to combine a wide array of transactions and external sources such as social real-time. Using a smart analytics approach and solution, Designer Brands Inc. was able to create a personalization engine that uses data streamed and stored in BigQuery to advanced modeling methods in Dataproc that creates prescriptive analytics available for self-service research, integration into digital channels, or leveraged in campaign systems. The analytics across digital marketing for retrospective analytics also help create constant improvement business and customer strategies.

Business Value Delivered

With the improvement of more comprehensive customer profiles and the implementation of the recommendation model, Designer Brands Inc. was immediately able to achieve an increase for click rates of channel interactions of 57% from their baseline due to the implemented personalization recommendation model.

Industry: Retail

Project Highlight

“Very knowledgeable staff, strong technical resources. Their staff truly knows google cloud platform unlike other firms we interacted with previously” – Michael Shebatich, Director Data Engineering and Analytics, Designer Brands Inc.


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