Leading Retailer Migrates and Transforms with 66degrees

Business Challenge

A Leading retailer needed to exit their long-held datacenter, where they ran hosted all their applications and data. They were evaluating Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS, and were hesitant to make a commitment to a complete cloud migration and transformation.

Business Solution

66degrees became the leading retailer’s first Google Cloud partner, driving the first cloud migrations in their company’s history with a CCOE & initial infra migration project. Since then, 66degrees has taken the client from zero to complete adoption of Google Cloud by providing migration projects, Managed Cloud Optimization, and Cloud Evolve.

  • Migrated and modernized dozens of environments and applications from datacenter to Google Cloud
  • Advised on GKE and CloudRun implementation to enable new apps to launch in Google Cloud natively, driving adoption
  • Advised on Apigee procurement and technical implementation

Business Value Delivered

The leading retail client signed a 5-year commitment as they continue to grow with Google Cloud and 66degrees.

  • Google Cloud migration continues, with 66degrees assisting with numerous migration and modernization projects
  • Cloud Evolve has decreased the client’s incident resolution time by 40%
  • Cloud Evolve has modernized numerous applications, reducing deployment times and toil by over 50%
  • The client has adopted Google Cloud, Looker, and Apigee

Industry: Retail

Project Highlight

66degrees provided the sales, technical, and strategic partnership that tilted the migration to Google Cloud.


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