Media Entertainment Builds Secure Foundation for Growth on Google Cloud

Business Challenge

Security is a primary driver for this organization. One of their goals was to arm their engineers with cloud security best practices. Their team needed to bolster critical skills and get a comprehensive view of their Google Cloud environment. As a first step, 66degrees assessed their infrastructure and security protocols and then created a plan for moving forward.

Business Solution

Having little prior experience with Google Cloud, the media & entertainment partnered with 66degrees to enact Google Cloud security practices. 66degrees’s cloud security experts performed a comprehensive Google Cloud Security Assessment.

The findings spurred a reimplementation of the Security Command Center (SCC), secure architecture setup, logging and monitoring, security policy enactment, and SecOps practices.

Leveraging in-platform and third-party tools, 66degrees enforced leading security practices within their environment. 66degrees’s team of cloud educators then trained the media & entertainment company’s engineers on security and Google Cloud best practices and protocols.

Business Value Delivered

The client has migrated several petabytes of data into Google Cloud and grown their analytics capabilities to support over 20,000 employees. Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics are being woven into newly approved projects as they continue to transform their operations through analytics.

Industry: Communications

Project Highlight

The media & entertainment company was relatively new to Google Cloud. The bulk of their infrastructure was on AWS, and they wanted to explore a multi-cloud approach. Before kicking off their exploration of the platform, they leaned on 66degrees to take a proactive approach to Google Cloud security, organization, and infrastructure.


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