Reducing Technical Debt and Enhancing Application Resiliency in Healthcare

Business Challenge

With their rapidly expanding presence in the global healthcare software space, the Client needed to migrate and modernize the infrastructure that provides life-saving services to their customers. The wide availability of managed technology solutions, ease of use, and cost savings made Google Cloud Platform an ideal choice to take the Client’s business to the next level.

Business Solution

66degrees’ engineering team focused their efforts on a workload migration methodology that leveraged as many managed services as possible, such as Cloud SQL and Memorystore. In combination with enhanced reliability and reduced management expenses, the Client is poised to improve their business outcomes by taking advantage of the full suite of GCP’s Enterprise-class analytics, big data, AI, and other leading edge SaaS tools.

Business Value Delivered

In partnership with 66degrees, the Client succeeded in large-scale migration and infrastructure modernization inclusive of 200+ applications and microservices, 800+ compute instances, 200+ databases, and 3.5PB of data. As a result the Client has improved their existing service offerings and customer relationships, and expanded their reach to improve the lives of healthcare practitioners and patients.

Industry: Healthcare

Project Highlight

66degrees migrated 200+ apps & 3.5PB of data to Google Cloud, boosting reliability & security while reducing costs. This empowered the Client to expand services, improve patient care, and leverage cutting-edge healthcare tech.


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