Satisfi Labs: Keeping the Conversation Going with Google Cloud

Business Challenge

Satisfi Labs, a conversational AI platform, allows brands to have automated, consistent, scalable, and on-brand two-way conversations with their customers. Collaborating with major sports, entertainment, and tourism brands their platform helps answer customer questions, perform transactions, and collect valuable data.

Fully based on AWS, Satisfi Labs needed to migrate to Google Cloud Platform to win over a key customer. They sought out the help of 66degrees and Google Cloud to modernize their architecture and gain independence in their cloud environment.

Business Solution

To ensure Satisfi Labs’ Google Cloud Platform infrastructure reflected best practices and met a high baseline for security, the 66degrees team began the project with a Secure Landing Zone (SLZ) and sample migrations. This helped ensure a strong foundation for future deployments, and helped Satisfi Labs understand the process of moving workloads into Google Cloud Platform.

Business Value Delivered

By modernizing Satisfi Labs’ architecture, migrating their virtual machines (VMs) in migration waves, and training their team on Google Cloud Platform, 66degrees ensured that the entirety of Satisfi’s AWS environment could run in production on Google Cloud Platform.

Satisfi was able to win over a key customer that prompted the migration to Google, and continues to take further advantage of other native Google Cloud Platform services.

Industry: Technology & Software

Project Highlight

“The migration process was very smooth and completed on time without any issues. Job well done! Once again, thank you for being part of this major milestone initiative within our company.” – Suri Subramanain, Chief Technology Officer/VP of Engineering, Satisfi Labs


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