Hospitality Provider Transforms Guest Services Experience with Conversational AI

Business Challenge

A major hospitality provider, grappling with understaffed Guest Services desks, sought to revolutionize the guest experience. Facing overwhelming demand and limited physical resources, the company needed a solution to:

  • Address high inquiry volume: Manage the influx of guest questions and requests efficiently.
  • Modernize service delivery: Provide a seamless and convenient way for guests to access information and support.
  • Reduce reliance on physical desks: Free up staff for more personalized interactions.

Business Solution

The company partnered with 66degrees, Google Cloud, and Ujet to implement a groundbreaking solution powered by Conversational AI and Contact Center AI (CCAI). This included:

  • Automated chatbot: Utilizing Google’s Dialogflow CX, the team built a virtual agent capable of answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) and providing dynamic information on dining, activities, and other shipboard offerings.
  • Live agent platform: Google CCAI provided a robust interface for human agents to manage guest interactions seamlessly.
  • Integration with mobile app: The chatbot and live agent platform were seamlessly integrated into the cruise line’s mobile app, offering guests anytime, anywhere access to support.
  • Data and analytics: Leveraging BigQuery and Looker Studio, the team gained valuable insights into guest queries and trends, optimizing the solution for continuous improvement.

Business Value Delivered

This innovative solution positions the Hospitality provider at the forefront of the industry, demonstrating the power of AI and cloud technology to enhance guest experience and operational efficiency. With real-time support, improved satisfaction, and data-driven optimization, the cruise line is setting a new standard for modern hospitality.

  • Real-time support: Guests receive immediate assistance, 24/7, regardless of location on the ship.
    Improved satisfaction: Faster response times and efficient resolution of inquiries lead to happier guests.
  • End-to-end coverage: The chatbot handles routine questions, freeing up agents for complex issues and personal interactions.
    Data-driven insights: Analytics guide continuous improvement, ensuring the solution evolves with guest needs.
  • Scalability and security: Google Cloud’s infrastructure ensures reliability and the ability to handle growing demand.

Industry: Hospitality


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